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An emotional and personal journey through psychosis

A few years after her passing, I learned that my grandmother's life was occasionally colored by the elusive condition of psychosis. Since then I have felt an unfulfilled yearning to understand my grandmother's experiences and perspectives. Having found out about her condition after she passed away, makes for an absence of conversations with her about this vulnerable and confusing topic.
This absence now 
creates a desire to understand and visually portray the uncharted territories of psychosis.
The series becomes a way of seeking a connection with the past, while also shedding light on an often misunderstood part of human existence. 


Each photograph serves as a poetic testament to the complexities of psychosis, capturing moments of lucidity alongside the brief grasp on reality. The distorted perspectives and disorienting patterns mirror the internal confusion faced by those experiencing psychosis. 

This series is a work in progress.

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