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Portrait Lisa Praster


Lisa Praster (1993) is a documentary- and fine art photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is a graduated photographer (2016: University of Photographic Design and Photography) and has a degree in Social Work. 

Lisa's artistic journey has been shaped by a great passion for photography and a deep-rooted commitment to social causes. Her work, spanning documentary and fine art photography, offers an insight into pressing social issues while cherishing the beauty found in the simple moments of everyday life. 
During her studies, she gravitated towards documentary photography, recognizing its potential as a powerful tool for advocating positive change. She found inspiration in social topics like gender equality and elderly welfare.

In 2022 she started working as a curator and exhibition- and program coordinator, with her first big project 'Women In Art' for Kiekie Art. By giving a platform to women's voices and narratives, the event served as an empowering milestone in the journey toward a more inclusive and equitable art community.

She continues to work on her personal work, but organizes exhibitions and other art related events as well. 

Do you have any questions regarding print sales, commissions or upcoming projects? Or you'd like to talk to me about possible collaborations? Please feel free to reach out, let's have coffee sometime!


Tel: +31 6 81 40 34 34


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