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Moldova is an ex-Sovjet republic located between Romania and the Ukraine.

Due to political instability, separatism and corruption the country suffers from severe poverty.
Eighty percent of the population lives in poor conditions.


Moldova is the poorest country of Europe. This country is hardly ever discussed and most people do not even realize it is

located in Europe.  A country so close, but yet so far away from western norms and values. 

The high number of unemployment, corruption, low salaries and pensions makes a large number of youngsters decide to leave the country, to seek better life circumstances elsewhere. Many of them leave their children behind with theirs parents.

The decline in the standard of living targets seniors severely. This series shows the poor standards elderlies in Moldova suffer from.

Exhibited in 'de Stadsschouwburg Rotterdam' 

(Oct. 14 - Nov. 4th 2016) 

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